Fekete Panda Galadriel

Callname : LOONA


Health results : HD A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0, Knees Excellent, Heart free, Cystinuria carrier

Bred by Beata Dunai (Fekete Panda Kennel – HU)
Owned and loved by Ionesi Iulia & Medina
REG Number : COR A 500-08/050
Date of birth : 15.03.2004
Sex : female

Sire : Multi Ch, Int Ch, Multi BIS, Crufts Winner MISTER SKIPPER’S KING OF HELLULAND

Show results : 1 x CAC, 2 x R.CAC, R++

– Loona’s story –

We have had Loona since autumn of 2007 when she was 3,5 years old. The decision of taking her was more a “love at first sight” thing and it crossed my mind early in the spring of the same year when I first visited Bea’s kennel to pick up my little Hope – Fekete Panda Life Goes On Tender Ebony (which is a daughter of Loona’s litter sister, Baby) and Bea’s male, Booster (Dolce Amico Bartos) , which was our guest male during the same year. In the autumn when Bea came to take back Booster, she brought Loona to me and so she became my dog. I could not resist the temptation of having her…She is a gorgeous female with an extraordinary head, strong bones and very sweet and loving temperament. Never let Loona in the house if you wanna have a decent night in your bed ­čÖé For sure she will jump all over you and make herself comfortable in your place. That’s the way she did things when she was pregnant :)) She has never been much of a show temperament dog, but she was the best mother from all our females when she had her puppies. In that time she even accepted and took care of 2 small mioritic puppies as well as she did of her own puppies. She is very spoiled and sometimes too sneaky and clever, but she has a big heart and she is the favourite dog of our guests and visitors, because she loves to be kissed and hugged 24 h out of 24 h if possible.