Letters & photos from South Africa

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Please enjoy letters & pictures of our puppies in South Africa kindly shared with us by their owners ! Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for the amazing lifes my babies have by your side ! ♥♥♥
From Alison Scarr & John Griffin, owners of Valentino Tender Ebony a.k.a Rossi.
From Dominique Laroque, owner of Viennese Waltz At Midnight a.k.a Venni.
Then we also have Veni Vidi Vici Tender Ebony a.k.a Sirius owned & loved by an amazing couple : Jeru Behari & Kabir Sangham and last but not the least Vive La Vie Tender Ebony a.k.a Lavie owned & loved by Melissa Boessenkool, Duramti Newfoundlands Kennel in South Africa.
We thank you for all your love, care and appreciation ! ♥♥♥

“Hi Julia,
What a wonderful little pup we have. He is bright, spirited and an absolute love! Thank you so much.
Alison asked me to forward a ‘letter’ Rossi sent Melissa and Allard which shows how great he is looking, how confidant he is  and how well he is getting on with his new pack in less than a week. Which I believe in an indication of a wonderful temperament as well.
Kayla is a rescue and a wonderful old lady of 8 years and Imi, who also has Romanian blood line in her is two and a half and a big girl. About 72kgs and on a bit of a diet at the moment!
Enjoy the pics
Kind regards
Alison and John”

Click to read the letter from Rossi (PPS presentation slides) 🙂

“Dear Iulia,
Valentino and now Rossi, which is the same name as my sister’s son, so she is delighted, is a treasure. Quite beautiful with the sweetest nature and the specialist vet we took him to for his rabies vaccination, kept saying “he is perfect” and he has been my vet since my first Newfie 25 years ago and he has never said that. In fact, he was so impressed that he asked Rossi if he wanted to stay with him. Again, he has never invited any of my dogs to stay.
We are completely smitten with our little boy.
Thank you for him,
Alison and John”

“Hello Iulia
I bought ‘Miss V-Pink’ from you in March & I thought I’d let you know that she is doing very, very well. We called her Venni (Viennese Waltz at Midnight) & she fits in well with our large family & is much loved. She has the most beautiful, kind, loving nature  & although this is a characteristic of the breed, I think you gave Venni a really good start in life, which is probably why she is unusually sweet & unusually confident.
I have not yet downloaded all my photos, but if you send me your mobile number, I’ll WhatsApp you photos to keep you up to date with Venni’s progress. We live on a large property outside Johannesburg & we have horses, chickens, rabbits & 8 dogs (2 Newfs, 1 Labrador & 5 Pekenese…..all girls). Venni’s best friend is the Labrador (Snowbi-1-Kenobi) & they play & play & play. It just never stops & they ‘talk’ all the time. My older Newf, Jakarta, is from Melissa’s J-litter & Jakarta loves Venni & teaches her & looks after her. The 2 Newfs spend a lot of time together in the garden – Venni is very curious & ‘explores’ a lot; Jakarta stays with her like a big sister. We have a large pond which I built specially so the animals can swim – it has sloping sides as 2 of my Pekes swim(!) Venni loved getting her feet wet from the first day we got her, but she is still not sure she can swim, so she walks in up to her tummy……& then sits down in the water
Venni walks nicely on the lead, is good in the car & loves being bathed. She & Jakarta stand still & wait whenever they see the shampoo bottles coming out – we don’t even put a collar on them to bath. She now weighs 24.2kg & is a little bit taller than Snowbi (Labrador). The only complaint I have about Venni is that she eats my roses off the bushes & exhausts the Pekes, who prefer to play with dogs their own size!!
I’ll keep in touch & thank you again for giving Venni a great start in life.
Kind rgds

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