About us

Hello and welcome on our website, the virtual home of Tender Ebony Newfoundlands and Mioritics happily owned, loved and bred by mother and daughter, Ionesi Medina & Iulia, in a beautiful corner of Europe called Romania. Iulia was a young girl when she saw on Animal Planet a short presentation of the Newfoundland breed. It was love at first sight and it became Iulia’s dream and purpose to own a Newfoundland ! Iulia was a very diligent student and teenager girl so she finally convinced her mother to buy her a Newfoundland puppy ! The search for a beautiful and healthy puppy wasn’t easy ! Back then there weren’t any good quality puppies in Romania, actually there were no registered breders so puppies were all imported from abroad from the Western Europe countries.

So our first newfoundland came into our life during the spring of 2003. It was a wonderful sweet girl that arrived to us from Hungary (Kispest-Kertvarosi kennel) thanks to our friend Monica who was the owner of Indy’s litter sister, Nera.  Indy changed our life forever since then ! We felt in love with the Newfoundland breed for its amazing sweet and gentle temperament, its impressive looks and size, but Indy made our dream of owning such a dog much more beautiful.

At the beginning we were not interested in showing, we just wanted a beautiful and healthy newfoundland girl as a new member of our family, but as Indy grew up, we could not resist the temptation of taking her to some shows ! We were very happy when at our first show in the spring of 2004, our Indy went Best Junior and BOB winner from all the newfies entered in that show. The judges loved her type. Pictures from the dog show were published in the national Dog Magazine in the Newfoundland Breed article. We kept going to more shows and Indy earned more and more good results. In that year she was the Top Winning Newfoundland in Romania. There was no way of going back, we got “infected” with the “shows virus”. When Indy was 2 years old we decided to breed her. A wonderful male was imported from Hungary, from the famous Skipper’s Kennel. His callname was Atok, pedigree name : Charming Boy For Skipper’s Of BigFoot Valley and he was the son of the Multi Champion Midnight Lady’s Especially For You. Atok was already a big winner of many international shows abroad. In may 2005, our first litter was born out of Indy and Atok, 7 wonderful puppies, 2 girls and 5 boys. We kept 1 girl and 2 boys and took all the puppies from that litter to many shows. They all became Junior Champions and 5 of them became Adult Champions in a very short time. It was a very successful litter.

But this was just the beginning…in a short time we imported another female from USA, one from Hungary again and had a very beautiful boy as a guest male. He became the father of our B and D newfoundland litters. Also in 2005, we bought a mioritic boy from De Curtea Veche kennel which was in our hometown. The breeder was our friend and Indy’s first trainer and handler.

The story goes on and on, and we are proud to say that nowadays Tender Ebony is the Best Newfoundland Kennel in Romania and home of the Top Winning Mioritic in the history of the breed : Multi World & European Ch, Multi BIS-BISS BUCUR DE CURTEA VECHE, we have produced many beautiful litters of Newfoundlands and several of Mioritics. Tender Ebony has exported many puppies in countries like : United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Austria, Italy, Poland, Czech Republik, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweeden, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgary, Greece, Argentina, Mexic, South Africa, Thailand, Israel, India etc. and most of our inquiries nowadays come from abroad. We have produced puppies that became champions in their countries, International Champions, European Champion and ViceEuropean Champion.

The love and passion for animals, especially for dogs made Iulia pursue another dream : choose the Veterinarian profession. She is also a professional groomer for Newfoundlands and Mioritcs with over 10 years of experience. Medina has a private bussiness downtown : a clothes boutique. Iulia’s father, Cezar, has recently retired from work and he’s home all day helping around with the dogs and puppies. Iulia’s brother, Alex was very involved in the dog world as well, he took his little sister in many dogs shows helping with the driving and handling as well. Alex’s wife, Anca, helps Iulia with the pictures of the puppies and adults.

Our purpose and commitment is to produce beautiful type dogs, healthy puppies with the real breed temperament of  a Newfoundland or a Mioritic and to bring joy and happiness to new puppy owners that will become our friends and an extended part of Tender Ebony family. The puppies born in our home are our babies that light up our daily life, we want you to feel the same love, devotement, happiness and enthusiasm !

Thank you for reading our story !

Iulia, Medina, Cezar, Alex, Anca & all of the Tender Ebony 4-legged members, dogs and cats 🙂